Top Ten Reasons to Use CSS Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard surface floor care in your buildings is just as important as carpet maintenance. Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Use CSS Hard Surface Floor Care:

  1. Properly maintaining hard surface flooring helps to keep the product looking its very best year-round and also helps to extend the life of the product.
  2. CSS practices a stone maintenance program that decreases the risk of surface damage.
  3. CSS’s two-step grout restoration process helps remove contaminates and soil from the grout.
  4.  CSS has trained installers that can repair missing grout and most damaged floors, helping to improve the overall lifecycle of the floor.
  5. CSS technicians are specially trained and understand the proper way to clean, refinish and protect natural stone.
  6. CSS offers varied cleaning and protection processes for cement flooring.
  7. CSS technicians are proficient and understand the proper cleaning procedures on a wide variety of hard flooring, including vinyl flooring, linoleum, terrazzo, wood, natural stone and rubber floors.
  8. CSS can restore most natural stone floors to remove minor scratches from the flooring.
  9. CSS can restore and protect wood flooring to help restore the original appearance.
  10. CSS can apply non-slip product to hard flooring for inclement weather, reducing the risk of injury for tenants or building visitors.

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