Top 10 Scariest Things to Happen When Using the Wrong Service Provider

In honor of the Halloween festivities this month, we have come up with our “Top 10 Scariest Things to Happen When Using the Wrong Service Provider.” Read on to hear the spooky things to avoid!

  1. The wrong service provider may be unable to respond in an emergency.
  2. Doors or alarms could be left unlocked or unarmed, making it easy for ghouls to sneak in.
  3. The wrong service provider could lose keys or access cards to your property – booware of this!
  4. The incorrect process could create more soil by moving it around in the carpet instead of actually removing it.
  5. Too much water or cleaning solution can cause a frightening, musty odor that lingers.
  6. Your services could be over-priced and under-delivered. Yikes!
  7. Certain textiles, like wool, need to be cared for in a particular way. An inexperienced cleaner can damage the carpet if they do not clean it properly.
  8. It is freaky how many hard floor surfaces look the same. Not using proper cleaning solutions can permanently damage them.
  9. Incomplete or inept hiring practices could have scary people in our building. Not with CSS!
  10. CSS employees are trained to use green chemicals in green processes to clean the carpet. An untrained technician may cause your building to lose its LEED certification. Creepy!

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