Top 10 Reasons to Use Low Moisture Carpet Care

You have many options when choosing a maintenance method for your carpet. Our process at CSS is low moisture and has achieved overall satisfaction from customers. Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Use Low Moisture Carpet Care:

  1. Tenants are immediately able to walk on carpet area without diminishing the cleaning completed
  2. Lower environmental impact due to minimal water and electrical usage
  3. Cleaning process does not become airborne, avoiding employee/customer claims to sensitivities
  4.  Low to no VOC’s to maintain high indoor air quality
  5. Re-soil neutral, reducing re-soiling issues after cleaning
  6. Deep cleaning process, removing soiling at the bottom of the carpet fiber
  7. Extends the lifespan of the carpet product
  8. Quick dry time of the carpet for turn-around use of the carpeted area
  9. Does not void carpet manufacturer’s warranty
  10. Eliminates security issues due to portable units, so all exterior doors are secured


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