Top 10 Reasons to Use CSS’s Upholstery/Fiber Care Program

Upholstery and fiber care is just as important as floor care, and we at CSS take just as much pride in these areas as we do when cleaning carpet or hard floors. Read below to learn our Top 10 Reasons to Use CSS’s Upholstery/Fiber Care program:

  1. CSS provides a low-moisture cleaning process that allows fabrics to dry within a couple of hours.
  2. CSS has an anti-microbial treatment to eliminate bacterial growth in any fabric.
  3. CSS has IICRC-certified fabric/upholstery technicians.
  4. The CSS process revitalizes and extends the life cycle of furniture.
  5. CSS provides a leather furniture “refurbish, don’t replace” program.
  6. CSS uses green-certified chemicals that are delicate and not harmful to fabrics.
  7. CSS “awning renewal” is a professional cleaning program for exterior awnings.
  8. CSS maintenance programs remove most stains from cubicle panels, furniture and fabric walls.
  9. CSS cleaning solutions have a Teflon additive that protects against future soiling and stains.
  10. CSS fabric cleaning programs create a positive first impression for both employees and guests.


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