Stop Your Craving Dead In Its Tracks

We’ve all been there. It’s 2:30pm and you’re craving a snack to get you through the last part of your day. According to a study posted on Yahoo! Health, you can ward these off with just a thought.

According to the article, “[c]ollege students were asked to vividly picture themselves engaged in a well-loved activity every time a food craving came up to maintain the alternate image until the craving faded. Compared with control groups using other craving-quelling techniques like distraction or mentally challenging tasks, the daydreamers experienced a much more dramatic nosedive in both the strength and vividness of their food cravings.”

Although practicing this technique decreased cravings, the college students that were a part of the study did not eat less of the foods they craved throughout the study, which lasted only four days. However, those that conducted the study hypothesize that if they visualize their alternative activity for longer, they may end up eating less of the foods they crave.

So, next time you’re craving a sugary donut or slice of cake, picture yourself on the beach looking fabulous in a bikini instead!

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