Ceiling Tile & Equipment Cleaning

We have the ability to restore your ceiling tile, walls and stainless steel to like new condition. This process will bring new life to your building and will enhance the overall appearance to your visitors.

Ceiling Tile Cleaning –   Instead of replacing your ceiling tiles and having an unsightly checker board of dirty, stained and new tiles.  CSS can clean these tiles to like new appearance.  Acoustic and vinyl tiles can all be cleaned without disruption.  This system not only cleans the ceiling tiles, but the grid system as well.  If we find that your grid is rusted, we can provide grid cap covers to restore the T-bar grids.

Wall, Ceiling, Façade, Light Lenses & Sign Cleaning – metal, wood, steel beams, limestone, concrete, brick can all be cleaned, instead of replaced.  Our services incorporate bio-degradable cleaning solutions that can restore, refurbish and renew many surfaces that have been once thought to be only replaceable over time.

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Restoration– CSS understands that over the years your elevators, kitchen fixtures, back splashes, restroom partitions can obtain scratches, dullness and diminished appearance.  We have cleaning/restoration services that can refurbish these surfaces using a combination of several natural minerals that are non toxic and contain no wax, silicone or oils.  100% bio-degradable.  Further, we can protect your stainless steel surface that will combat grease, soil, baked on foods, smudges and soot from building up in the future.