carpetCleaning and Protection

As a CRI-Approved service provider, we have the ability and knowledge to effectively clean all types of manufactured commercial carpet. Our programs take into account the type and usage of our customer’s chosen product, allowing us to preserve and maintain the carpet for a longer life span.

Technology -We use advanced, web-enabled computer systems to place, track and evaluate our services to ensure we are performing as promised.  We have produced a resourceful, all-encompassing technology system to guarantee all aspects of your project are handled properly. This includes website communication, job specifications, work order processing, scheduling, quality assurance follow-up, electronic billing and service program communications.

Customer Service – Your customer service representative will follow up within 24 hours of service to confirm your satisfaction with our performance. If there are any issues with our services rendered, we will return as soon as possible to ensure you are pleased with our cleaning.

Cleaning Equipment – Our cleaning equipment enable us to perform multi-step processes in a single application. Unique triple brush systems, counter rotating and cylindrical brush machines, with agitation, heat and lift capabilities allows us to remove soiling, protect fibers and reduce cleaning frequencies.