Make an Effort to be Happy

Happiness is…

Happiness has a different meaning for everyone, but according to researchers, we are made to feel bad. “Researchers have determined that the human brain is much better at taking in negative experiences than positive ones,” according to Karen Larson in her editor’s note in Bottom Line Personal Vol 34 Number 23. “This negativity bias helped our early ancestors remember where dangers lurked. Today it causes unnecessary unhappiness.”

To ward off our tendencies to think negatively, neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, says to absorb the happy moments that happen all the time and appreciate them. Take in the beautiful sunset and marvel at its natural beauty. Savor every last bite of that cheesecake you ate for dessert, and don’t allow yourself to feel one ounce of guilt. Revel in the fact that you don’t have to set your alarm for Saturday morning.

“Hanson recommends taking five to 10 seconds to let a positive moment really sink in. We can use this time to reflect upon how it makes our life better,”  Larson said.

So next time something bad happens, try to think of a positive thought that is relevant to the situation. This will balance out the negatives and the positives and will help us to recognize the positive thoughts in the future.

Source: Bottom Line Personal

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