The Weekly Diversion!

Life Saving Road Surfaces

Adding a layer of a sandpaper-like aggregate that improves tire traction has reduced crashes by 50% or more in many high-risk areas around the US. Contact your local department of public works to inquire about adding this paving to your area.

Mold in your Washing Machine?

Mold can grow in your washing machine where you cannot see or smell it, potentially causing respiratory distress and disease. To help prevent mold leave the machine’s door open to circulate air and find out if the manufacturer offers a product to stop/eliminate mold.  

Labeling and Consumption

  Consumers eat more when a food serving is labeled “regular” versus labeling the same portion “double-size.” Consumers are also only willing to pay about 1/2 the price if a restaurant meal is labeled 1/2 size.  

How Will You Remember?

Across the country today people will honor the heroes and remember the lives lost in the September 11 attacks. People will donate blood, fly American flags, attend religious services and thank our service men and women. They will spend extra time with family, give money to charity and volunteer at soup kitchens. How will you […]

Blow Away the Itch!

It’s the season of mosquito’s and other hungry bugs! A surprising remedy for the annoying itch is right in your bathroom. Use your blow dryer to heat the bitten area (being careful not to burn yourself) and it will take away the itch for hours! The heat stimulates the cells to release all the itch […]

Moldy Laundry

Mold can grow in your washing machine were you can’t see or smell it. To prevent the mold, always leave the machine’s door open to circulate air, and see if the manufacturer offers a mold preventative for your machine!

Natural Allergy Remedies

Bee Pollen and Fenugreek Tea – can be consumed to desensitize your immune system prior to allergy season (note: don’t use bee pollen if you are allergic to bees) Honeycomb – this is a natural antihistamine (note: don’t use if you are allergic to bees) Nettle – can be taken in a tea or freeze […]

Memory Trick?

Initial research indicates that clenching your right hand when preparing to remember something and your left hand when trying to recall it may improve your brain’s ability to retrieve memories.

Buyer Beware

When shopping online, don’t contact sellers who say they will e-mail you a photo. The e-mail may contain a virus or link you to a fake website designed only to collect your usernames and passwords.

Rethink Family Dinner

With the break-neck pace we operate at today, grab and go meals have won in a landslide victory versus family dinner at the table. The Columbia University Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse has found that the benefits of unifying family dinner come from just 10 minutes of connection, and it doesn’t have to be […]