Black Friday Deals May Not Be So Great

Are you ready?

It’s that time of year again, when many Americans plan to map out their attack of the best Black Friday deals this year. According to Lindsay Sakraida of in a Yahoo! News Finance online article, you shouldn’t buy something just because it’s a Black Friday deal.

The article states that the deals that don’t ‘wow’ this year are the TV and camera deals, as the prices and products are less than thrilling.

“To be fair, retailers don’t exactly like to show all their cards this early in the game. We may yet see even better deals advertised (or not) the day of Thanksgiving and Black Friday,” Sakraida said in the article.


Another interesting fact: Nerdwallet recently discovered that 92 percent of the ads from 25 major retailers featured at least one of the same deals from 2012.

“Consumers automatically assume that everything in the store on Black Friday is a great deal. That’s not even close to the truth,” Matthew Ong, senior retail analyst for Nerdwallet, said in the article.

In short, it’s probably a good idea to stop and evaluate some of your items before purchasing. We realize this may be easier said than done when you’re in the middle of a stampede at Target or what have you, but it never hurts to ask yourself if you are really getting the most bang from your buck. Happy shopping!

Source: Yahoo! Finance


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